Starting in 1982 a staff of mechanical, electrical engineers and designers working at different big and multinational companies (Institute of Energy Economy, VERTESZ, VIV, Prometheus-Dalkia, Siemens) formed a company. The previously mentioned staff through many years gained good experience and acquired good knowledge at their former companies in the following fields:
building engineering, district-heating, heating service, installation and operation of gas motors, building and process control technics, maintenance of mechanical and electrical machines, and facility management.

The primary aim of establishing the above company was to create such an engineering, economical unit which can provide a broad and complex service in the various fields of energy and industry.

The aim of the MMS Co. was to market such complex management systems in the field of outsourcing.
Outsourcing is not unknown in Hungary. Many companies see the value in subcontracting such expensive activities which are quite different from the basic activities of their company (facility management, IT system management and logistics, maintenance, etc.). This way the expenses are reduced and the effectiveness is increased.

The basic philosophy of our company is to satisfy our customers, and to follow them up continuously by a carefully planned outsourcing system based on skilled experience and by a management system that serves the increasing of effectiveness, reduction of operational costs and distribution of customers’ risk at the same time.